Trafficking Emergencies


If a person’s safety is in immediate jeopardy, call 911. Be sure to identify the case as a suspected case of slavery and human trafficking.

To report a suspected case of trafficking, or for referral to help you get help for a victim or survivor, a federal trafficking hotline is available at 1-888-373-7888. Calls can be made anonymously, operators speak English and Spanish, and professional interpretation is available for other languages. See The Polaris Project’s page or this HHS page [external link] for more information.

Many emergency services haven’t been properly trained to handle human trafficking, so if the danger isn’t immediate it’s best to contact the federal trafficking hotline and let them handle the initial contact with police. If you must call police first, call the hotline afterwards–their help increases the chance that the police response will be appropriate.

You can also report trafficking via your state Attorney General’s victim/witness coordinator or your local FBI.

For Countries Outside the United States:

  • Call the national or local trafficking hotline, if applicable.
  • If the suspected victim is foreign, contact their embassy.
  • If local law enforcement is reliable, contact local police.


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